Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Binding my cosmos runner

Wow, yesterday, I was on such a high after my weekend away that I hardly stopped all day. Yup, I paid for it last night, kept awake by pain--I over did with my bits of gardening. Vowing to take it easier today, I did put in a few more pansies and seeds, puttered a bit arranging pots and recycled glass, and then came inside.
The deck is under construction and being expanded when my husband has time. Being unable to do my usual veggie garden all around and climbing the rails, I had to resort to a few pots.
Little things like fresh cut flowers as they come into their season make me happy. The apple blossoms have fallen like snow but the allium are in full bloom and the lilac trees are nearing their complete fullness in the next couple of days. There is an order and a repetitiveness to nature that makes one anticipate the small changes each day.
Before coming inside, I set out my latest mushroom like piece assembled from thrift store glass pieces.

 Like my first piece, I've also added a small solar light inside. It was glowing very prettily last night on the deck; I look forward to seeing it in the garden tonight.
Inside, I can view the little garden from my kitchen and sewing room.
I've been listening to soft music, watching the birds bathing and eating the apple blossoms while puttering. This little garden angel that I made at a friend's cottage a few years ago has been pinned through the wings to my bulletin board ever since.
Seeing my garden coming alive again must have inspired me to tack on her wings and add a ribbon hanger.
I have finally gotten my art work ready to put in the shop downtown: I'm going on Thursday, so I finally got the binding on this table runner which I will take with me to hand stitch down.
I was just running a new piece of elastic into the waist of PJ bottoms when I snipped the end of my finger Ouch! I'm typing this with it tightly wrapped in Kleenex. Time to take a break!
I'm connecting to the Needle and Thread Network.

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Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Holly, I love love love your runner!! and your gardens look wonderful. isn't it a treat to get outside??