Saturday, June 28, 2014

A beach kind of day

There are some days when you couldn't ask for more--a sunny, cloudless blue sky, warm temperatures with a gentle breeze along the shoreline--and today was one of those days. Even better, it's the weekend and my husband has 4 days off.
This morning I was up early for breakfast and to make a couple of sandwiches, one for me and one to leave in the frig for Gord. He was picking up lumber, doing some deck construction, and going golfing while I went to the summer market and then on to my in laws at the beach.
I stayed long enough for a visit, lunch and a sandy stroll. I didn't bring my camera but back at the cottage, I thought of my I pad.

It's hard to look up at the distant shoreline, the softly undulating water of the bay and the warm blue sky when this is happening under the feet.

I always want to capture the most beautiful things in paint but when one is simply a part time dabbler, it can sometimes feel inadequate. The important thing is to savour the calm meditative process of drawing and painting, letting it trigger the memory of the warmth of the sun, the gentle breeze, and the company of family.

My home is cool thanks to our new mini split which allows me to enjoy the rest of the day doing the things I love. Peaceful and happy.

Fresh goats milk strawberry cream cheese , sourdough rye bread, and the first local strawberries, all from the market this morning.
I picked up 2 small lobsters on my way home so I'm set for supper. Really, what more could one ask? What shall I do for the rest of the day? Shall I knit?

Shall I sew? I am feeling very thankful and filled with contentment, something to savour and store away.

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Wendy said...

Isnt amazing how weather affects ones mood? Sounds like a lovely day!