Monday, June 16, 2014

A computer crash

Why is it that I tell all my kids to have back up for their computer but I didn't do it for mine?
It is old and I've been gently using it when I need to upload photos and document my art work.
Yesterday, through email, I was asked to write another article for Quilting Arts! Yes, exciting, right? I could hardly sleep thinking about what I needed to do today. I got to it early this morning, organizing my samples to send and doing a few more while taking photos of the process.
I worked at my kitchen room table in a sunny spot. Everything went well and I cleaned up.

I uploaded my photos to my computer to make sure they were good. I went to make a cup of tea to sip while I sat and organized the photos. When I got up, I caught the camera cord which in turn jerked the tower. The screen went blank and now it won't start!!!
I took some deep breaths, checked out my plants on my deck, and called my husband.

A line full of clothes makes me happy and I tried to let the sun after days of rain calm me but I may be freaking out! My husband who looks after most computer problems, said to wait for him. At the very least he can take the hard drive and retrieve the info.
All I can do is sit here numbed.

I turned the power bar and the computer off while I wrote this. It has booted up!!!


Mystic Quilter said...

What exciting news about the request from Quilting Arts, but so sorry to hear about your troubles with the computer - hope everything was able to be recovered.

Lorette Cole said...

Bummer! Don't you hate that??? There's nothing worse than anticipating a long day/week trying to retrieve lost files! I sure hope your husband can resuscitate your computer! I enjoy seeing your clothesline! I can't wait to get mine up... 'twas suppose to happen last week... too long a story! Congratulations of the request for the article!!

Cordia Remsen said...
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