Saturday, June 21, 2014

A tiny watercolor

I'm away this weekend visiting my son and his fiancé in their new house. I even got to visit a quilt shop this afternoon where I got a few pieces for myself, a friend and some for my mother- in- law. I hope she likes this cheery combo!
Afterwards, I took their new puppy for a walk around the country roads where I gathered a handful of wildflowers.

He's a pretty well behaved puppy, I think. While I sat at the table painting with my travel watercolor kit and small sketchbook, he slept on my feet. I'm allergic to dogs and had my doubts about this Aussiedoodle that's supposed to be anti allergenic, but so far so good.

I'm going out now to check on how the garden fence is going. His fiancé and her mom put the whole thing in last weekend!


Robbie said...

Puppy is a sweetheart!!! My neighbor has one and I let him out daily @ lunch time...good dogs...enjoy the rest of your trip! said...

Nice. I went through a lot of your posts just now but I'm only posting here... It's so nice to have summer!! And the flowers... It's been 30 days of rain here. Unreal. I can't wait to get out and go for a walk along the ditches to see what's blooming. ahhhh. : )

Have a great Summer and a terrific Canada Day! xo Monika