Wednesday, June 18, 2014

In my sketchbook

I've had to scramble the last couple of days to get my textile art and samples finished and finally mailed this morning. Canada Post guarantees arrival by the deadline. Here's hoping.
I also got some writing done for the article, so when the sun came out near supper time, I grabbed my walking poles and headed out for a short walk. I'm still nursing strained ligaments but they are heeling. The knee brace helps, ice packs here and there over the last few days, and I took it easy on my walk.
I came home with a handful of forget me nots and grabbed a few more flowers from my front garden. The simplest of things give me pleasure and ease my stress.
Wildflowers and fresh air do it for me!

To make it even better, I put my feet up while my husband snoozed and did a quick sketch of my little bouquet. Today, I was in the mood for light, loose, and sketchy.

Now, I've got to get moving to clean up the kitchen and then help hubby put the air conditioner in the bedroom.

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Margaret said...

I too am rejuvenated by my garden and by fresh air. I do hope your knee heals without complication! And I so admire your ability to 'sketch' with water colour. I've taken lessons but I don't practice nearly enough and even so, I'm not a 'natural' with paper and paint...

Lorette Cole said...

Your watercolors are beautiful and this one is no different! GORGEOUS!! Hope your knee heals soon!