Monday, March 5, 2012

a new start on Monday

I just finished the quilting on my robin and cut the binding, but I will wait to show it until it is completely done. Today, I started this new little project as I need a small gift for a friend. It is a gel print using a nasturtium from my garden last summer. I have added a little color with Neocolor II crayons and a leaf print with green paint. I will back it with batting, do a little stitching, and then sew it up into my little project. Any guesses on what it might become?

On the piece I'm now calling Fall Poplars, I added some paint to the trees and then some green pastel (sprayed with fixative) behind them. In the picture I've started adding the pastel on the right side.
Have you ever done something and immediately wondered, "why did I do that"? That is what I did with the trees. I thought about adding the gold paint; I should have tried it on one tree that I could have cut off, but no, I went ahead and did them all. I think I liked them better lighter with more contrast, but there is always a solution I think. I'm working with it.
You may remember that I mentioned visiting with two friends last week on Thursday where I helped arrange the blocks of a quilt on a design wall. There are 12 of us who have gotten together for many years  for quilting days, retreats, social gatherings, birthdays and more. A few years ago, we did something dubbed The Tin Can Quilts. We each chose a theme, a sampling of fabrics, plus made the first block, and tucked it all into a tin can.
Each month, we exchanged the cans until we had all done a block for each person. Then we had a party and opened the cans. There were some beautiful blocks and subsequent beautiful quilts made from them. Some like Glenda, have not quite finished and no wonder; look at all the little pieces! She spent two sewing days at Wendy's last week and made lots of progress on putting hers together. It is going to be a wonderful quilt with lots of little bits and meaningful details.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

like the look of the piece for a gift. Could it be a book cover?

elle said...

Placemat? Nice variety in the cans in spite of the common theme. Hmm, yes, I did like the trees. I often look for a solution I shouldn't have needed. lol

Margaret Applin said...

Holly, I'm loving the new pieces!!!

kathy said...

The nasturtium is really wonderful for a gel print...I've never had much luck, but maybe I should think about adding a bit of color as you did. What a great way to recall summer flowers.

greelyrita said...

Goodness! What a lovely quilt that is!!