Monday, March 19, 2012

painting and cleaning

My husband painted our kitchen over the weekend. In some ways it's good to have a golf nut for a husband. He had promised to paint last the fall when golfing was over, but we had such a mild fall that he was out until late November. Then it was getting close to Christmas and I didn't want the mess. So, in anticipation of the new season, he was anxious to get it done. It's a nice soft mossy green color which I couldn't seem to get with the camera. It came out best in this spot where I did a mosaic of tiles over my sink and under the window.

This morning I had lots of things to put away and a few things to dust off. I've finally put away all of my snowman and made some more spring like arrangements. Those are the roses from my valentine's bouquet.

I have an idea in mind of a birch tree forest I would like to do using the shibori method. While looking for the right color fabric, I cleaned out my box of hand dyes. I couldn't find exactly what I wanted --luckily I'll be going out of town in a few weeks where I'll fabric shop--so I tried using a piece of batik. I wrapped it round a tin can, tied it with string, kept winding and pushing the fabric down. Then I applied a mix of discharge paste and white paint with a sponge brush. I removed it from the can and ironed it being sure to open my window for ventilation. I'm not sure if it suits or not because some of the dots made with the wax did not discharge.

Then I moved on to the larger of my tulip pieces and did a little discharging  with a paintbrush and some paint. It looks a little rough in some places; the discharge paste is quite gel like. I think the thread painting should help even it out.

Finally, I sat down to my computer desk and quickly sketched a few zinnias. They were on my mind this morning. The glorious unseasonably warm weather is making me think of summer flowers. I haven't grown these in a couple of years. I think I must find a place for them this year; they are so colorful.


elle said...

Your vignette is lovely. Your shibori try for the birch forest is intriguing although the breaks don't make the trees quite right. It'll be good for something. The tulips piece is SO nice. You do this effect so well.

Wendy said...

Nice colour for your kitchen! Your "birch" fabric looks more like the close up of bark on a big old maple. I have maples in my front yard where the bark is that colour and texture; a sort of mottled grey with light streaks. You May have to rethink this project...

imquilternity said...

That soft mossy grean is such a peaceful and relaxign color. It sure looks good with the tile work. I like the shibori's a great color!