Monday, March 12, 2012

postage stamp blocks and collaborative piece

It started out this morning sunny, but cold, around -10C and by this afternoon it was supposed to reach +6C which it sure feels like. Great weather for the maple sap to run! I got my clothes on the line, met friends for coffee and went for a walk before lunch. I had a quick appointment this afternoon, and since then I've been puttering in my studio.

I've been pulling different things out and putting them away all weekend, not finding what I wanted to work on. I'm taking a little break from the art work to do a block for a quilt that has been sitting in my closet for a while. Whenever I was cutting fabric for a quilt, I would cut the small scraps into 1 1/2 postage stamp size bits. I've been collecting them for a while, and when I am stuck, I pull out the box and put a 6 by 6 block together.

I have made 7 star blocks with the postage stamp centers and I have 4 more postage stamp blocks done. When I have 12 star blocks finished, I will look for an arrangement. I was thinking I might make a large star for the center and put the other blocks around it. It's a long term project.

Yesterday, I also got the binding stitched down on my collaborative piece with Margaret Applin at Scrap Wisdom Collage.

I have the poplars piece up on my design wall and every time I walked by, something bothered me. I figured out it was the lower tree/bush line. I'm going to move the sky color lower as you can see in the picture on the right hand part of the photo. Once I get that right, I can get back to quilting and embellishing.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Oh I like those postage stamp blocks. We had a great day today too
It got up to +11 this afternoon!! We went for a walk, washed the car...inside and out...just had a wonderful day....clothes dried outside so nicely with just a tiny breeze...It was like early summer...can't wait!!

elle said...

Now there is a solution! Just move the sky lower. lol Glad you are busy. Rain has reduced our snow by more than half. There goes the snow dyeing.