Sunday, March 25, 2012

some improv, some sketching

Every so often Gord and I like to go for Sunday breakfast which we did this morning. Before leaving we had our fruit with yogurt, so we could walk the bridges downtown before going to the Nectar restaurant for our favorite Mediterranean omelet.

Since we took supper to the in laws yesterday, I had the afternoon today to play in my studio. First, I spent a couple of hours playing with the improv pieces I made last week, arranging them somewhat how I might like the finished quilt, Then started to cut the gray and piece it to the individual blocks. While the free piecing method is really fun and addictive (I highly recommend it!) because one can simply 'slash and sew', the hard part comes when it has to be all fitted together.

 I suppose one could get really organized and sketch it all out with the dimensions. That's just not my way of working. I need to lay it out and measure and cut as I go. I can see how it might take me a few days to get it put together!
Since my back was getting tired, I decided to switch gears and do a sketch of the tulips from a photo of last years garden. The theme this month at The Sketchbook Challenge is flowers, my favorite thing to draw so I thought I'd get some drawing practice. Jane Davies video was my inspiration. she says she's uncomfortable drawing flowers. I think she's pretty darn good!
 I began with a quick outline sketch using a charcoal pencil.

Then I outlined again with a black oil pastel and rubbed it in some areas.
I added some watercolors.
And finally some background watercolor.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Tulips look great Holly...and I can't wait to see the improv when finished....This weekend here was spent building a waterfall for our large pond. It was a lot of shoveling and carry rock for a sluishway. Laying fabric under the rock....oh my; I am just beat now....but it is finished....The weather was great; so thought we best get that job taken care of.

elle said...

Seems like we almost could have had snow it was so cold with a nasty wind. Tulips are appreciated. Like you, I'd have to do the lay out, measure and cut background. The process is fun just not fast.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

It is like a puzzle fitting the pieces together. I have made a few like that and enjoyed doing it. If you figure it all out on paper first that takes the challenge out of it.

Linda Marcille said...

I have added links to all the blogs that participated in the March 26th Messy Work Table Photo Collaboration on my blog:
I am looking forward to seeing yours!