Thursday, March 1, 2012

ice dyed trees

This morning I had a nine o'clock appointment at the hospital to get a 24 hour blood pressure cuff. It is not too annoying, but I expect it might be to-night when it goes every hour throughout the night. During the day it is every half hour, but not too  intrusive. Then, I visited a couple of friends who are doing some sewing together. I helped arrange a quilt on a design wall (don't you love that?) and got some feed back on my robin piece.
After lunch with my hubby, --thanks, Wendy, for the cinnamon buns, we ate them at lunch,-- I started with some free motion stitching on my ice dyed piece. I outlined the tree shapes first in gold silk thread and then started couching some fibers in the front of them.
I looked into ordering a free motion couching foot but discovered it isn't available for my machine, so I couched the yarns down with a zig zag using a regular free motion foot. It's a little more tedious but it works at

II'm not sure if I like the 3rd yarn with the little bobbles, so I stopped halfway across. I may remove it.
Now I have two pieces on the go that I'm not quite sure how I will finish. With the robin piece, I did finish quilting around all the branches and the robin and I got a piece of plastic from my friend so that I can draw some quilting options and audition them.
The sun is calling through my window, I'm going to head out for a walk.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

You are always trying something new...good for you

elle said...

The tree line is great. The lines fine and the bumpy one seems to be bushes to me. You can always add more rather than take it out. I'm hooked and waiting further development! lol

Margaret Applin said...

OMG Holly! This is the start of something amazing!!!!

MarveLes Art Studios said...

I like the little loops... great texture! Very creative! I like how you've adapted to couch with your free motion 'regular' foot! GREAT JOB Holly! EnJOY your results!