Saturday, March 24, 2012

a few more improv blocks and the cafe

Every Friday I mention my lunch with my 'Friday friends' at the Cafe Gourmet here in Bathurst. I thought I'd show you the scene. It has lovely arty ambiance.
The meals are all home made and healthy, no fried food here! Even the sweets are made from scratch.

In the afternoon, I was quite anxious to get back to my improv baby quilt. It is a fun and addictive process. There is no measuring or planning to start. I call it slash and stitch. The planning and the math comes next as I try to arrange the pieces and fit it together.
I actually did a few more pieces after this. I've decided not to include the one with the diagonal piece. I'm planning to do a little shopping this morning and sew later this afternoon.

1 comment: said...

Oh wow - all those paintings are like my Prairie Postcards! : )

It's so fun to play with horizontal.

ps- love your new profile pic Holly!