Thursday, March 22, 2012

a sewing day with friends

We had a wonderful sewing day at my friend Paula's yesterday! She gracefully offers up her spacious wonderful sunlit home every once in a while to our little group of quilters. There are about twelve us but often several are unavailable. I believe we saw 8 people at different times yesterday. Some of us stayed for lunch and supper.

I was very happy to have finished all the blocks for the quilt I'm working on which I cannot show. Wendy showed her Scnibbles quilt that she just finished up. She and Sue are both doing them, but I missed getting a picture of Sue's.

I showed this quilt once before in its process. Paula finished putting the borders on it yesterday. It is a block of the month quilt from Moose on the Front Porch.

I also showed this one a couple of weeks ago that Glenda is finishing. It is really something to see. Each person in our group has made a small piece of it. she took those pieces and added many more details.She spent yesterday adding a turtle, toads, lily pads and bulrushes to the bottom part.

Sue who is one of the working girls dropped in after work for dinner and some hand work. This is one of her recent quilt top finishes.

It is  always so wonderful to spend time doing what you love with friends. There were moments of animated chatter interspersed with moments of concentrated quiet. The weather outside was sunny and warm, so we were able to take a stretch on the patio. I came home around 8 pm feeling so relaxed and happy!

Today, I'm being lazy. I will get to some sewing on my tulips perhaps this afternoon.


Wendy said...

I agree! Wonderful day...motivational too. I left with my Schnibbles completed, borders done for a queen sized quilt (needs a little tweaking today) and I got all the bricks cut for my Autumn Bricks quilt kit from Texas! ...all with a wounded finger! It was a nice day!

Quilt Rat said...

WONDERFUL projects on the go....thanks for sharing...looks like a fabulous day was enjoyed by all

elle said...

What a lovely dat. That T quilt has made me think of a quilt made of only one letter. hmm, what if... But that's what group days do!