Sunday, March 11, 2012

I did a little more snow dyeing this weekend but no sewing except to stitch the binding on my robin. I don't have a picture yet.
Even though  it has been cold again, I think the warm weather earlier in the week got me thinking of spring cleaning which is what I did most of yesterday. I cleaned every surface in my bathroom, even the insides of the cupboards. Today, I am sore.

I did take a few minutes to put a couple more pieces of fabric in with some snow dye. It almost looks delicious! The color is really a l;little richer than it appears.

This morning I made a vegetarian lasagna to take to my in laws for supper. They have water on both sides of their house, the ocean in front and a lagoon behind. Gord and his Dad were out hitting balls onto he lagoon. We joke that the driving range is open. There is still lots of ice for them to go pick them all up afterwards. It's a longer walk than normal because the ball hits the ice and then slides. This is what we northerners have to do when you only get a good few months of golf weather.

The wooden heron looked so lonely out there in the cold.
.The sun went down just before 8 to-night an hour later than last night.
The sun sets on the lagoon side.


elle said...

If I want to snow dye I'm going to have to get busy. That sun is real warm and the snow levels are really dropping.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I thought that was a cherry cobbler in the first photo! Pretty fabric.

Gill said...

I almost wish we had some snow here in the UK but it's warming up fast here! in fact I think I could only have done snow dyeing in one year out of the last 15 or so!

imquilternity said...

Your snow-dyeing fabric does look like a snow-cone. It's gorgeous - I am such a sucker for beautiful any form. I'll bet your sunset was really beautiful in real life, especially given that everything else is covered with snow. Golfing in that cold weather does not look like fun to me, but then golf in any weather does not look like fun. :))