Friday, March 23, 2012

some improv piecing

For a while now I have been attracted to the improvisational piecing work that is out there and yesterday I decided to give it a go. Some quilters will undoubtedly find it a little too much, while others who love the process will find it bland. I made a conscious decision to stick with straight lines and use the rotary cutter for my first attempt. It's funny how I can be so free with paint and mixed media but I find it hard to escape the boundaries of  'proper quilting' rules.

I have used a color scheme of turquoise, mossy green and orange. I really like the work being done using solid colors, but since I had these fabrics on hand, I wanted to use them. Also, the background will be the soft grey because that was in my stash. I'm already planning another one using pink and orange, my current favorite color scheme, and I'd like to try cutting things a little wonkier. Baby steps.
The next step will be to make a few more pieces and sew them into the grey. This part will involve some math to fit it all together, but shouldn't be too difficult.
It can be a messy process.
I will get back to my tulips; I just needed to get this out of my system. Sometimes one needs to switch gears a little to return refreshed to a project.
I'm off now to do a little yoga and then go out for my errands and Friday lunch.


Rayna said...

Baby steps are good, Holly. I like where I see this going and on a gray background, it will fit right in with the Modern Quilters' looks.

I just don't have a sweet tooth: give me salty, bitter, sour, or spicy and I'm happy. If I get a good recipe for scones, I'll post it.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

I really like the color....It is def. modern....

elle said...

I would like to do more with improvisational stuff as well. The very wee bit I've tried tells me it isn't as easy as it might look. You have a good start.