Monday, November 30, 2009

Me night

To-night was a "me' night. We had homemade carrot soup for dinner, and after watching some of the news, I headed for my exercise bike. after 30 minutes on the bike,I did a few weights, some yoga, and took a bath. I finally felt sufficiently relaxed to try a little sketch of a chickadee. I've been wanting to try drawing them for sometime, but I've never done animals or birds before, so I was nervous. I am also not in complete command of watercolors.
I do not want to ge tcaught in that 'need to produce a perfect picture cycle' which is why I am thinking of it as a sketch (it truly is though, as it is nowhere near a finished piece). I have to start somewhere though, and so here it is. I am tossing it out there. You can see that I am a novice, and it is quite crude, but I have gathered my courage, and I hope they'll be more.

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Wendy said...

a great start! I really love those little birds...I read a comment about chick-a-dees many years ago that captured their little characters perfectly. I will search it out now that I am home among all my "earthly treasures". Will post on my blog when I find it. I am anxious to see what this little guy evolves into...