Tuesday, November 17, 2009

30 minutes of studio time

Little snippets of time here and there is what it's all about when you work full time. I don't always have the time to get to my studio, and sometimes I have the time but no energy. To-night was our yoga night though, so we had supper at 7pm. The I spent a half hour talking to my daughter who is probably having her busiest week of her 4 yrs of university. All her midterms and projects are due this week, and just when I talked her through all the panic and she seems to be getting prepared, her apartment gets flooded in the heavy rain on Sunday. she had planned to go to the library to work all day, but spent it instead mopping her floor. Finally the plumber came Sunday night to help. They took off the toilet and cleared the drain and yesterday the cleaners went in. On top of that she has a bad cold. She spent all day today at the library studying for the 1st midterm tomorrow.
This is all my roundabout way of saying that life just gets in the way of creating sometimes, and I like to try to relax about that and take my time when I can. If I'm too tired to sketch or do anything creative, I might put a few seams together, and maybe post my blog. Sometimes, like to-night, I just happen to have something that I finished yesterday to post. Here is a photo of another little Christmas postcard. It is based on a stamp that I made after visiting my son last year in Lunenburg, NS. I call it Christmas in the neighbourhood.

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