Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday night

It's a Monday night so I don't have a lot of energy to-night. Also, I started training a new teacher today who will be working with me. We hope to be moved into our new and bigger room by next week and to have taken another 8 students.
I came straight home from work, and my husband and I went out for a walk before dinner. It gets dark before 5:30 now so if we want any sun at all we head out after 4"30 when we get home. Shortly I'm going to have a nice soak and then perhaps have a little time in my studio.
In the mean time these are pictures form some things I worked on yesterday. The first are some edgings (one is on a tea towel) that I did inspired by a book I wrote about in an earlier blog post. I'll be doing some for small gifts for Christmas.
The next photo is of some blocks that I started for a baby quilt. I have a niece who is expecting after Christmas. I think the repro fabric makes such a nice baby quilt. The layout of the blocks will likely change one I have more done.

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Exuberant Color said...

You don't have your email enabled (Edit Profile, check mark in front of show my email, and SAVE) so I couldn't respond to your comment on my blog. I have a similar block planned to do with some hand dyed fabrics.