Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yoga night

I had a frantically busy day at work today. There were piles of correcting, the phone was ringing, the email was ringing, and I had an assessment to do, at the same time as I helped my students. I really needed the yoga to-night!
After a quick supper I came straight to my sewing room and did 2 more blocks for my baby quilt. As you can see below, I now have 16 blocks, randomly arranged on my wall. I want to do 4 more for another row. I was at first inspired by a pattern I saw on the net, but then discovered it was called Cross Blocks. I decided to add a second strip, and then when I turned it I discovered the little up and down motion in the horizontal strip which I really like.
No more sewing now; I must go pack something for my lunch, change into PJ's and get out my knitting to relax and watch TV for an hour. I will confess that I like the show NCIS. It's horribly corny, and I don't like the gory detail, but for some reason I've grown attached to the characters. That's what the producers wish for I guess.


Exuberant Color said...

In the soft colors it looks almost like rows of fences.

I'm attached to the characters in a lot of shows and NCIS is one of them. I haven't bonded with the California group that follows it yet but they do some cross over appearances.

Wendy said...

my question will make it quite apparent that i watch little to no television...but what is NCIS? ...oh maybe I will google it...curiosity will get the best of me if I don't. Oh by the way, Why do you need to confess to watching a "corny" ( as you put it) television show? If you like it then go for it...no confession necessary as far as I see it.