Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Nice Sunday

I didn't get near a needle, thread or sketchbook yet today, but it was a satisfying day nonetheless. This morning I put 2 loads of clothes on the line; soon it will be too cold on most days. I'm stubborn though- I insist on hanging out my sheets all winter even if I have to wrestle them stiff like boards off the line and put them into the drier for 20 minutes.
I spent a of couple hours in the kitchen making cookies which I haven't done in ages. I also made a spinach pate which is now baking. We will have it with the salmon steaks that my husband is going do on the barbecue.
After lunch I went for a walk with a friend on a woodsy trail to a place called Chickadee Junction. There is a bench there and lots of feeders which are kept refilled by people who walk. I took a couple of pictures to add to my blog, especially for a friend who is spending time in the city to help her mother. She commented that she misses watching the chickadees in her backyard. I have not done a sketch of them yet. I just the gray jays (sometimes called gray jays) too.

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