Thursday, December 3, 2009

Life after work

What I'd like to know is where do some people get the time and energy to carry on a life after work hours! And how does one balance everything else that one needs to do, like stay in shape? Last night I did the biking, weights, and yoga thing again. Then I put on the pyjamas, put on the TV and picked up my knitting-- a pretty full night wouldn't you agree? still I haven't sewn a thread all week.
To-night I was very tempted to veg out all night, but I did a few clean chores just to get moving, read a few blogs and was inspired to start this little painting of winter trees. I'm thinking of joining in on a painted Christmas card swap and I wanted to try out something before I commit. (In case it doesn't work). It's not finished yet--the paint was still wet.
When I took the picture and uploaded it to my computer, I found these pictures of blue jays at our deck feeder that my husband took a t lunch time today.Aren't they cute?

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