Sunday, December 13, 2009

Borders On Baby Quilt

I got the borders on the the little Repro baby quilt, and I must say that I quite like it. Also, I heard that our guild's UFO day next Sat is still on, so I may take it and sandwich it and even perhaps start to machine quilt it. It's pictured sideways below; I just realized I forgot to turn the photo.
When my daughter comes home on the 21st she will stay on the hide-a-bed in the rec room for a couple nights I think until my youngest son comes. Then she will move up to my sewing room (once her bedroom). I have a little desk in my bedroom which I will put my little Jem gold on in case I feel the need to do a little sewing over the holiday while I'm off for two weeks. I'm not sure how much time I'll have because we are hoping to do a day of skiing. I will drive the 3 hours to Fredericton to pick Caley up and I believe my husband and I will both take her back around the 28/29th. so, that's 3 days, and I may make a trip to meet up with my oldest sone sometime too. You never know when the itch to do a little something will hit though, so I'll be prepared.
After lunch today we went for a walk on one of our favorite woods trails. The temperature had come up from a -13 Celsius in the morning to a -8 at lunch time, and there was no wind, so it was a lovely 1 1/2 hour walk. We debated taking the snowshoes; someone had already been out with them though and packed the snow down some, so it wasn't bad to walk with boots. Next time we'll wear them and take our lunch. We didn't get any pictures today because we didn't stop. I was surprised though by this woodpecker --hairy I believe-- at my window feeder this morning. It was hanging on for dear life and did not seem to mind me taking it's picture at all. I was only about a foot or so away. The feeder is on my kitchen window right in front of my sink. I love it!

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