Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ginger and Cinnamon Spice

It's not so easy to get into the Christmas spirit when the children are grown up and away and both partners are working full time. Today, however, I started to get a little niggle. It was snowing for starters, and hubby and I put the outdoor lights up. Then I made gingerbread cookies. To be different this year, I cut them all round and frosted them like snowflakes as you can see in the picture.
What I really cherish, though, is that I could smell the ginger and spice smell all day. What makes that really special for me is that I usually live with no smell whatsoever, but right now I'm on a slightly increased dose of cortisone which has allowed me to smell again.
Yesterday was our guilds UFO day at the seniors room in the arena. I always enjoy going and even if I can't spend the whole day, I go for a while and also take my lunch. It's nice to keep in touch with everyone since I work all week and don't get to socialize. I got my baby quilt put together, and then my friend Anne and I drove the 1/2 hour to a newish quilt shop. They are having a clearance sale before they close for renovations. I picked up 2 fabrics for the borders. It was not the perfect fabric; I would have liked a darker color for the first border. I want to get it done, and the next shop visit could only be after Christmas.

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Wendy said...

Ginger cookies...m-m-m love the smell and the taste. So good with a cuppa tea. Yours look wonderful too!