Tuesday, January 26, 2021

What I’m knitting and reading

It seems that yesterday I over did things a bit and today I’m barely able to walk. My husband does the vacuuming but I spritzed a floor. I also had a very short walk using only my poles rather than the walker as the roads and trail are rather messy due to the mild weather.

As a result I’m sitting with heating doing hand stitching, reading and knitting. I’ve only recently gotten back to some book reading since the start of the virus. There is even a small stack of magazines that I haven’t looked at -unusual for me.

Since Christmas, I’ve started reading, finishing one and almost a second one and oddly for me, I want to read an actual book as opposed to an ebook.I really enjoyed The Sea Gate. It’s a mystery and the kind I like, mysterious, rooted in the past, not much violence and a little romance.

The Salt Path is based on a true story of a middle aged couple who lost everything and embarked on a coastal foot path journey in England. There is love, and hope and survival in a beautiful setting. I’m probably going to finish it today. It was recommended by the podcaster of What Vivi Did Next.

Next up is Miss Benson’s Beetle and I found in one of those fliers that recommends atlantic books. 

I’ve also purchased a few nooks for my Kindle App on the I Pad, but right now I’m more enjoying the feel of a real book.

I finally finished these mitts form the Saltwater Knits book which were quite challenging for me. They fit but for some reason want to twist around my hand when I wear then which means that half of the pattern meant for the palm side shows on the top. As far as I can figure out, I do
I’d followed the pattern correctly. These are knit in a fine Briggs and Little yarn. I’d hoped to do some in their regular weight. Now I’m not sure. I’d like to talk to someone who may have made some.

You can see the part on the right below where the salt and pepper pattern on the palm side is starting to twist to the front.

I finished a pair of socks knit from a pattern I shown by a podcaster called Crunkled . I used a merino wool from Lichen yarns.

I also started a sweater for my grandson Gussie who is almost 10 month old. The yarn is Deluxe Dk Tweed super wash wool from Universal. I’m enjoying it. I like a little pattern to make it interesting but something not too difficult.

Always needing something simple like socks to fall back to for no brainer knitting, I cast on another women’s size socks.

Something else that may interest you are the ‘folded wraps’ that I came across from a friend on fb. You can easily find it on Google. there are so many fillings you could use,  even dessert ones; there are endless variations.  I like to have a smaller sized one with a bowl of homemade soup.

You can add a can atop to weigh them down in the pan.

Let me know if you try them and what ingredients you used.


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