Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Gelli mono print pillow cover, fiber art, drunkard’s path

This group I hung on a living room wall.

Here is more of my fiber art that has been packed away. I really have to make time to catalogue them. At least I’m checking labels and packing them away all together.

After we did our tour of NFLD a couple of years and saw the puffins, I painted this piece which is 10” by 10”. I also hung this up, but I still just add my name and information to it. I’ve been terribly remiss at all that stuff.

I’ve got all the squares cut from my Gelli monoprints to make into a pillow cover and it’s ready to put together.

Slowly, I’m chipping away at lots of little finishes. I’m getting a bit tired of it which is why I decided to cut out the prints. I need a little creative inspiration and fun right now.

I made the label for this woodland animals quilt that I’m going to give to this little guy.

I’ve also been making some patterns for future artwork using a digital projector that I borrowed. 

And today, I was in the studio working on the drunkard’s path baby quilt. I’m working on the last row and then I can sew them together. This one was a bit of a struggle and it will feel good to get it done, I’ll put a small border and send it out to the machine quilter. I’m quite able to do a baby sized quilt but right now,I’m just want to move on to more creative things. Also, I will need it soon.

I managed to finish the first mitt and I e started the second one. It has been a challenge too but this time I enlarged the graph and printed it out. I kept making mistakes when I was reading the wrong line so this should help.

I’m wishing everyone here and around the world, patience, peace and good health. These have not been easy times and we’ve just heard that our province is tightening up restrictions. I know others are worse off, so here’s to vaccines, and bringing the COVID cases down. Hugs.

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