Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Adding borders to 2 quilting projects, trying out a sled

Check my YouTube on the right for a short movie. Explanation and more pics below. 

Today in the studio, I cut and sewed the top borders for the Drunkard’s  Path baby quilt. 

I was out this morning on a couple small errands and then after lunch, we went outside to take the Christmas lights down and pack them away. It’s a lovely mild day today but I was tired and sore from our little walk yesterday so after that, I came inside and headed to the studio.

I took a shirt break from my socks and mitts to get some socks done for little ones made from an opal 8 ply. I made one sock in an evening already.

I got the birders on and it’s now ready for quilting. 

For a short explanation on how I add borders, I’ve posted a short movie on YouTube which you can access above right on my sidebar, There’s also a little bit about a sled that was lent to me this week to try out on our trails. It’s something that my husband can ouch or I can push for short distances. It doubles the tone I can spend there.

We took a drive so to the Mi’gmaq Trail a few days ago where I was able to access a look off point to the river where I could sit and sketch while my husband did a short walk.

The view is so pretty and it’s so peaceful there. I did need the wool blanket as it was about -2C. I was able to do a small watercolour and then finish it at home later. Even though I can’t walk far it is so important for my mental state to find ways to get out into nature. It is so trite but it really does feed my soul. I feel instantly more relaxed and so at peace and content when I can be there,

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