Saturday, January 2, 2021

New year, new projects

The  grossbeak and the woodpecker were among many of the birds at our feeders and the apple tree today. I so enjoy watching them. I save all the good ohotis too for possible use in my fiber art. I have a blue jay and a chickadee  that I’m making patterns for right now.

Yesterday, I cleaned a part of my linen closet and found so many fiber art pieces that I’d forgotten about, so I took a few to hang on my walls.  Do you know I have all this art and barely any of it on display? 

This is a runner made with batiks, velvet and some of my own  printed fabric.

The other 3 wintry pieces I’ve now hung on a living room wall. A picture of them on the wall will have to wait as it got to dark to take a good one. I forget how soon the sun drops and it starts to get dark. It’s changing every day though!

I’ve been thinking about a word for 2021. I’d almost decided against one when something popped into my head yesterday. ‘Flow’ as in go with the flow. I think I’ve already been following it anyway lately as what are the choices? I see ‘flow’ as a more positive version of acceptance. It involves acceptance and more. Think about flowing down a river. You can go gently along which we need to do at times, or you can also choose to go with it at the same time stroking the arms and kicking to choose your path. Or think of birds gliding aloft. They can relax and glide or flap and move along on the currents, choosing their route. It’s usually not advised to try to swim or fly against the flow.
That’s how I see it anyway. I can move mindlessly along or I can go with the flow while choosing to swim or fly when I want to.

This afternoon, I went to my studio to clean a bit and to choose some work. Sometimes my intentions are different than what I end up doing. I thought I’d work on the baby quilt as I want to get it off the wall and finished for a new baby coming soon.

Creative mind took over and I switched gears, cutting up pieces of my Gelli monoprints that have been up on the wall as well. I’ve wanted to make a pillow cover for my living room for some time. It’s another way to have some of my artwork around me. I feel like it’s something I need to do more of.

If you’re interested in seeing some of my process with the monoprints, I’ve posted a short movie to my YouTube channel which you’ll find at the top of my sidebar. I’m getting to see how much of a process it is to make and edit movies. I’m not doing a lot but if they interest you, you can subscribe and also click the notifications button if you’d like to get an email notice when there’s a new one.

Let me know if you’d like to see any more. They’re not meant to be tutorials, more of a peek into my process and my world. Is there anything in particular that would interest you?

I started by cutting 4 1/2” squares and then I decided maybe some of the pieces could be double sized to make it interesting. That is me, I have a hard time to follow a plan sometimes. 
What do you think?

Here’s to 2021, and some good progress with the vaccines in 2021. 😊

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