Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Fiber art, crochet, knitting and sketching

I continue to struggle with neuropathy and fatigue so excuse my  absence here. We’ve also been away over the past weekend to PEI for my grandson, Ollie’s 2nd Birthday where we stayed at a lovely B&B in Cornwall, called the Country Lane. After our NL trip he is more willing to try them out. I look for ones with an en-suite bathroom. This one was a beautiful 125 year old renovated house painted in light beige with lots of aqua painted furniture and the breakfasts were wonderful.

My daughter and I went to an Etsy craft show where I treated myself to this special wool hat. 

I spent most of yesterday resting, knitting and crocheting while watching a movie on Netflix. I switch from crochet to knitting as fingers get sore. The Afghan is knit double stranded. My daughter is always cold and wants something really heavy.

I picked up this hand dyed merino yarn at the show as well from the same vendor. It reminded me of watermelon but I can see it’s Christmas colors too.

 Today, I did a small pen and ink of the balloon flower seed heads that I’m studying for a piece of fiber art. I collaged the foam stamped background into my journal with matte medium at breakfast and did the sketch at lunch when it was dry. I could see this on fabric using free motion stitching in black thread.

Then after another short rest, lol, (I’m learning to accept it) I headed to my studio for about an hour where I cut more pieces for my rock cliff while watching an episode of The Quilt Show.

 I only worked on the rock part can you believe it? It’s still in the very ugly stage and will be for a while.

I just startled when G came in the door. Time got away from me. Our lights on the back deck came on a few minutes ago. I’ve been putting them there for a few years set to come on at dusk and turn off at ten. It helps to cheer up the dark days and gives us hope as the days grow longer after Christmas and they gradually come on later.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wintry blast — studio time

Since last post I’ve been away to Nova Scotia to the SAQA Atlantic retreat. It was professionally informative- there was a presentation about CVs and grant applications - and it was artistically inspiring. 

Yesterday, we had our first real winter storm and today it is terribly cold and gusty, definitely a good studio day.

 The rock cliff that I’m working on is quite large for me so I’m taking it section by section. My goal today was to finish cutting the bits for the right hand background and to lightly press that section together.

I’m audioning the confetti foliage that I made as well as two different tulles over top which I think may gray the background a little and thus serve to make it recede.

With the piece up on my design wall, I work sitting in my computer chair using small scissors to cut and tweezers to place the pieces.

While away, I picked up a small glass sculpture at a craft show and I planted one of my orchids in it using moss to contain the soil. It sits on the window ledge in my studio.

This is a crocheted waffle stitch Afghan that I’m doing using double strands of worsted weight yarn.  My daughter wanted heavy.

Finally, at my lunch times I’m still exploring one of my favourite fall and winter shapes - seed heads. These are columbine.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Last details on Nfld cliffs

My goal this morning, back permitting, was to get the bits of thread painted details done, the border quilted, and the backing and binding I cut on my Nfld cliffs. I did it with a break in between to meet my husband for a quick lunch and to stop at the grocery store. I’m still feeling pretty stiff with a big pressure on my lower spine but if I sit correctly in my computer chair, it’s ok.

I’m audioning the light brown fabric on the left for the binding. I think it works.

The other thing I did this morning was to rotary cut with the wavy blade snippets of yellows and golds to make leaf lace, something I learned at a Laurie Swim workshop and often use.

The bits are laid out on Saran Cling Plus over a hoop and sandwiched with a second layer of Saran.

At the machine I use free motion stippling over the whole thing being careful to catch all the bits.

Once done, it gets ironed in between newsprint until the plastic has all melted away.

I’m preparing this to use on my newest  piece.

As I write this, I’m sitting legs up with the heating pad behind my back. I may pick up some crocheting while I rest.

I’m making an Afghan for my daughter in her colors and I’m sampling 2 different patterns to what I like. No decisions yet, lol. The first pattern is easier but harder on the fingers.