Monday, December 16, 2019

A quiet week of little things

There’s not much artwork going on this week as I’m committed to trying to have a relaxing week attending to body and soul by spending more quiet time with my knitting and getting exercise. This morning, I mixed up cereals for the nuts and bolts mix, went out to pick up a couple of spices that I needed and when I went to make it at lunch time, discovered that I was almost out of Worcestershire sauce. I wasn’t heading back out so I covered it until tomorrow.

So....I couldn’t cross that one off the list. At least I picked up a ham which I will bake one day this week and I’ll slice it and freeze it to take away to my daughters.
On the weekend, I made gingerbread cookies to take with us. As part of my concession to taking it easier this year, I used little tubes of purchased decorating gel. Why not. They’re meant to be colourful more for the kids (and kids at heart) than the adults.

I also picked my little treat for supper as my husband is away for the week.

I took my tea to the studio this afternoon where I watched a quilting show and finished this little teddy bear that had been languishing in a corner.

I’ve got a few things - knitted blankets, the teddy, and a few toiletries items I’ll add to it - for the local women’s shelter.

It looks lovely out there but it’s about -7C with a strong windchill factor. An inside kind of day. I spent some time cutting tiny highlights for the berries and stitching them on. Picky work.

My goal this week in between some Christmas preparations is to finish the thread painting on the birches and quilt it, or at least get it batted and ready to go. I’m slow but persistent, having to take breaks to put heat on my back. That means I can grab a tea and write a post.

I ordered a little Christmas gift for myself. It looks very creative and full of lots of doodling inspiration.

I imagine some of  you, my readers, will be in the thick of shopping and preparations this week. I’m hoping you can find little ways to slow down and simplify; we don’t need all those gifts, do we. Take some moments to soothe your soul in whatever you like to do. Music, a good book, knitting, decorating, getting outside.

Happy holidays!

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Birch fiber art

This season is refuted to be one of the busiest times of the year; however, this particular one has been crazy. I actually have kept my decorating minimal, adding a few pieces here and there to my already present collections of plants, feathers, and dried foliage.

We won’t have family staying with us this year and we plan to travel to PEI to visit with my daughter and grandson. 
I’ve had time for little baking and since I’m losing weight too, I don’t want masses of sweets in the freezer. Meatballs seemed like a good idea for a make ahead meal starter as they can be combined with so many things to make a simple meal - tomato sauce, pineapple sauce and pasta or rice. I made enough to take some to my daughters as it will be convenient for some fast meals when they’re working.

I chose a new sweet that I found on Pinterest which took about 20 minutes to make. They’re delicious if you’re a chocolate, salted caramel lover as I am! I’ll have a bit to give away if I need something small.

Also, I put up  my small tabletop tree along with a couple small ones, a polar bear and a Santa. 

I’ve been running to one appointment after another for weeks. It tends to wear me out and put me edge as I really need down time and the solitude of my walks and my artwork. It seems that all my follow ups have convened at the same time as well as new issues that arose - 3 trips to the opthamologist for dry eyes and inflammation which isn’t yet resolved and a cracked mouthpiece that I sleep with, so a few trips to the dentist.

I was out early to an 8:30 appointment this morning and thankfully had the rest of day to bake muffins, do a wash, write cards, and retreat to the studio where I did most of the remaining stitching on the birches and berries.

I think one more session may do it; I’ve a bit more to do on the trees, and then I’ll be ready to add the batting and lightly quilt. I’m fairly pleased with piece and will be happy to call it finished.

At night when I’m unwinding, I’ve been knitting a simple shawl.

Now I must get ready to leave; our knitter’s Christmas dinner is tonight and I have a couple stops on my way.

I’ve been enjoying watching and reading about Christmas with artists and crafters around the world on Instagram and blogs. We seem to all be trying to keep it simple and more about family and friends and the spirit of the season.