Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fabric painting

As I feel stronger I'm itching to get back to my sewing machines; however, I'm trying to keep my focus and finish the fabric painting that I started last week.

I want to finish this piece with sunflowers even if I don't use it right away. It's actually double in length than what is pictured; I've decided to concentrate on the half for now. I'd like it perhaps for a runner but I think I'd cut it up and mix it with commercial fabrics.

I still need to go back and add darker colors to the flower centres.

While I had the green paint out, I added some leaves to the zinnia piece.

There were several flowers that ran when I first started. Too much water. I painted leaves on those that were passable and figure I'll cut it up as well.

See those blobs lower left? I'll find a way to work around them. Probably cut them out.

Both pieces are inspired by my garden and will be a nice inspiration for a small project in winter. You'd be surprised what a bit of thread work will do for it. That's really the exciting part for me.

A lot of my painting supplies are stored downstairs away from my dining area and sewing room. After my surgery, I gathered some into a basket that I keep near my table. It has inspired me to do some sketching each day, often as I have breakfast , lunch or with my tea.

I'm still using the craft foam stamps. Notice the small mauve and green areas in the background.

My bedroom is still a work in progress. I want to make a chair cover for a small slipper chair using the fabric that I used for the patchwork cushion.

This week I found an inexpensive duvet cover with the pillow shams in exactly the color I've been looking for.

It's reversible with a print like the shams on the other side. It makes me so happy to climb under and wake up to.


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Creating stencils

For some time I've had a heat stencil tool that I've been wanting to try. Now, while I'm playing with lots of doodles is the time to try it out.

I used transparency sheets.

Plastic dividers would also work.

The first time I found that the lines were too thin.

Rather than wait for the tool to cool and change the nib, I chose to go over the lines. I really like the hydrangea blossoms.

In the photo above, I applied Paintsticks using the stencil and a stencil brush to the fabric that I printed yesterday. It adds a little dimension.

The stencil.

Before cleaning up my mess-- I had already decided my walk could wait until this afternoon-- I tried out some painted sunflowers. When I painted the zinnias the other day (scroll down to older posts) I couldn't figure out why the paints weren't acting as I was used to. I discovered I was using the Setacolor opaque paints rather than the transparents. Dah.

Much better. I only did about half the piece so far. It's long enough to be a runner.

I've stopped to at least get in my exercises before lunch. It's such a beautiful day I must get out.


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

More printing with foam stamps

Ever since I did the last fabric printing and painting on fabric, I've been wanting to try it again. This time I used Inktense blocks instead of the Neocolor II hoping for better color.

As with the crayons though, the paper absorbs better than the fabric.


I like the look. I'm planning to paint sunflowers in a watercolour style so I wouldn't want the background too intense.
This is all an experiment at this point. I'm not sure if you can just make out the pencil sketches of the sunflowers.


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Printing fabric

I did two exciting things today! This morning, I took my walker over to the trail where I haven't been since early last spring and went for a short walk. What a beautiful day!

I was looking for all the familiar things like the Pearly Everlasting which is in bloom this time of year.

I picked a few to add to my dried flowers from my yard.

I love the feathery curly fireweed as it goes to seed.

It felt pretty good to be out there.

After my lunch and a short rest with ice on the hip, I decided to try printing a piece of cotton.

I started by using a foam stamp with Neocolor II crayons.

I'm keeping my new habit of cleaning my materials on sketchbook pages.

I got out Setacolor transparent fabric paints for the flowers. I don't have a lot of experience using them this way. I used a round acrylic brush and slightly watered down paint.

As you can see, the first ones ran which is ok because I'm experimenting. I also discovered that the stamp plus the crayons are more defined on paper. I did want a soft look though. It's not meant to be for anything serious. Another day, I will add leaves and someday I'll be inspired to cut it up and add stitch.

These are the pages I cleaned my stamps and tools on.


In my 'feet up' time, I've been knitting, almost finishing one merino wool sock and a pair of baby socks.

Thank goodness I pulled a casserole from the freezer-- ground turkey shepards pie with a sweet potato topping. I have no energy left.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Still stamping and sketching

I haven't yet gotten back to my sewing machines. And that's not such a bad thing as I continue to be captivated with my doodle stamps, combining them with sketches of leaves, feathers and flowers from my yard.

The zinnias are fading. There's something about the drying stage that attracts me though. The colors are softer and the shrivelling petals more interesting.

Each day I do more exercises and walk a little further. It won't be long before I'll be able to take my walker along with camera and sketchbook to the trail.

For now, I have lots of inspiration in my yard.

I read recently of an artist who would keep spare sketchbooks on hand while painting to use as a place to clean brushes, stamps, brayers, etc. What a great idea.

I started the practice this morning, adding the excess paint from my stamps to pages of a cheap sketchbook that I've previously ignored for better ones.

Then, I couldn't resist adding to it with coloured pencils when it dried.

Another page, different stamp.

And another with some scrap deli paper collaged to it. Pages I can sketch on and add to when the inspiration hits. The book will be full in no time!

I have to tell you that I kept telling myself I was done, washing my hands only to dirty them up again. This is so fun!

In the meantime there are still many things growing in my garden including a large pot of green peppers.

You can't see them through the leaves but there are about 10 good size ones. I still enjoy nipping out to the yard to gather what I can to cook with. Last night it was veggie soup made from my garden.

Tonight it'll be stir fried locally homemade blueberry sausages with peppers and yellow zucchini of which I also have lots.

On the weekend I simmered apples all day in the crock pot.

After trimming the tree in the spring we've got a nice yield.

Harvest time in late summer, early fall is my favourite time of year. My days are full of picking, cooking, storing, gathering leaves and flowers; there is no end to inspiration.


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sketchclub doodles

I'm still inspired by the foam stamps I've been creating from the Sketchclub APP on my I Pad. It's so easy and I can leave it set up at my table to pick up when I'm there.

I just tried two others with different colors from the Neocolor II pack.

It makes such a lovely soft background suitable for sketching on. There are so many fall blooms in my yard right now. One need not worry about being able to travel far. I know this will work well on fabric once I'm up to working at it. I'm itching to try it!

I continue to feel stronger each day-- I'm doing the exercises and walking. I believe the swelling in my leg is improving.

It's terribly hot outside right now. Maybe I'll wait for tonight to get out. When I do, I'm going to pick a couple more things for drawing samples. Sedum and hydrangea. The soft pinks and golds are calling to me.


Saturday, September 3, 2016

Doodles and stamps

I simply can't be trusted to sit too long with my feet up without having my mind wander onto new projects!

After being on my feet for a while, I must get the legs as high up as I can to take down the swelling. This morning, hubby took me out for a bit-- lunch at Tim's, a drugstore visit, and a drop in to our first guild UFO day.

Here it is after having them up for over an hour. I just came outside to have my tea on the deck. I understand that some swelling is quite normal and that mine isn't too bad.

While I was inclined, on the new lazy boy, and checking my email, I was reminded of the Sketchclub App on my I Pad and of course you know that opening the App was too tempting; I started doodling. Luckily, most of my supplies are all handy, so I was able to trace off one of the doodles and make a quick foam stamp. My hands are a little shaky right now which may not be such a bad thing. It gives me permission to be less exacting, letting the lines be looser.

I think it gives it a bit more of an old world feel. I used Neocolor II crayons and spritzed it because my acrylics are downstairs. I really like the softer less defined results. And the splotches.

Now my mind is swirling with the possibilities for textile work.

I did have enough discipline to finish the fox and get it stuffed, as well as to start a raccoon before letting the creative juices flow.

I sent the hubs off to the golf course. I'll be having leftovers, likely back in the chair, lol.

I hope you're having a lovely weekend wherever you are.