Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sketchclub doodles

I'm still inspired by the foam stamps I've been creating from the Sketchclub APP on my I Pad. It's so easy and I can leave it set up at my table to pick up when I'm there.

I just tried two others with different colors from the Neocolor II pack.

It makes such a lovely soft background suitable for sketching on. There are so many fall blooms in my yard right now. One need not worry about being able to travel far. I know this will work well on fabric once I'm up to working at it. I'm itching to try it!

I continue to feel stronger each day-- I'm doing the exercises and walking. I believe the swelling in my leg is improving.

It's terribly hot outside right now. Maybe I'll wait for tonight to get out. When I do, I'm going to pick a couple more things for drawing samples. Sedum and hydrangea. The soft pinks and golds are calling to me.



Susan Sawatzky said...

do you carve the foam, it looks like you just draw on it but it's hard to tell just looking at the picture? What sort of foam is it? I've done a lot of linoleum printing, using some of the newer rubbery stuff but still have to carve it.

Susan Sawatzky
Port Townsend, WA

ps...I really enjoy reading your blog

Laurel's Stitches said...

Great to hear you are continuing to heal,Holly! Two weeks already.

I love your stamps. Thanks for posting about fall colours and flowers. You have reminded me to collect ideas, photo, and drawings while there is still life outside.

I'm looking forward to the hydrangea...

Thanks for posting to The Needle and Thread Network's WIP Wednesday!

Robbie said...

Lovely!!! Perfect background for sure.

Mystic Quilter said...

Pleased to read that each day brings an improvement Holly. Keep on playing.

Anonymous said...

They're beautiful and delicate.