Thursday, January 31, 2019

When it’s snows, we sew

I thought I’d catch up a bit with you here on what I’ve been up to. My days are broken up into a slow start with my tea in the morning, followed by a few chores, and today a quick errand. While out,  I pushed a bit of snow off the front steps and into the driveway, cleared out the feeder and added some peanuts for the blue jays who I could hear squawking in the nearby trees. They are raucous pigs but pretty and fun to watch.

That’s one of my studio windows on the far right.

It’s almost like walking through tunnels. Please no more snow for a while! To add insult, I had a cortisone shot 2 days ago to my wrist without improvement and I have a sore swollen foot which I will see about tomorrow, so no snow shoeing right now.

Just before lunch, I did a short workout downstairs - rowing and a few exercises and then I showered.

I try to spend a couple hours in my studio in the afternoon. Today, I fiddled with the 2nd seedpod piece that I started, placing the silk ribbon stalks and ironing it all in place.

It measures about 14” by 25”. Maybe I’ll add small borders.

Then I sat down and free motion quilted this little 6” by 8” piece, A Chickadee along the Snowshoe trail, that will be a donation to the SAQA Spotlight auction. 

The chickadee was thread painted on another piece of fabric backed with stabilizer, cut out and fused to the hand dyed background. The hand embellished branches are almost finished and I will add a few ‘frosty’ beads.

I’ve also pinned up a 2nd slightly larger piece with another chickadee. Somewhere I have a picture where the chickadee was coming into land on my hand for a sunflower seed. Maybe I’ll add the hand.

Now, I’m taking my tea and heading to the sofa for a short rest before I get dinner which I started at lunch time by cutting up veggies for a vegetarian sort of pad Thai. I’ll have brown rice instead of noodles. My energy often peters out by this time of day so I either like to have supper made or started earlier.

I hope your staying warm, or cool, depending on the need and having a bit of creative fun. Cherish the moments.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Another storm day and more studio time

G and I went out out early this morning for groceries before the big storm. While I’m all for a little snow, 30 - 50cms doesn’t thrill me, especially when it’s accompanied with winds. Spending the day in my studio  during a gentle snowfall is looking lovely’s being stuck inside when it’s a bigger storm makes me a bit edgy. 
On our way  we stopped at the river to snap a few pictures of the shanties. Last year I didn’t get any. I enjoy sketching them although they are less colourful this year and more spread out.

It’s starting to pick up out there.

I put on some nice music and finished most of the quilting on my pod piece and also pieced a binding.

Once I finish writing this, I’m going to work a little on the hand stitching. Short sessions are necessary as I’m still wearing a wrist brace. It’s not improving so I’m booking for a cortisone shot in a few weeks.

On my design wall is a little chickadee that I thread stitched. I added fusible, cut it out and I’m auditioning fabrics for a small piece I want to make for an auction fund raiser with SAQA.

Now that I’ve got my counter top for my other machine with the under cabinet lighting and my large monitor that I can watch shows on, at night I’ve been spending more time there working on regular quilting projects including these majestic mountain blocks.

I haven’t been listing here as often as I’d like. I’m listening to my doctor and trying to slow down a bit. I’m still working in my studio and often post on Instagram and Facebook. You can find me on Instagram under the name  naturetotextile. I’ve yet to figure out how to add the link here with this latest blog APP.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Years Day

I’m writing a super quick post to wish you all a Happy New Years - sending positive vibes out across the world. We’ve gotten a fresh fall of snow today. 

I’ve spent most of the afternoon in my studio cutting the end of the pieces for my rock cliff and except for a few tweaks here and there, it’s ready for the machine and some thread painting.  It’s been peaceful and I even finally feel like the prednisone and antibiotic are doing their work in my lungs -  my breathing seems to be improving. It’s been a rough couple of weeks.

As I finished up the fused collage on this piece depicting a part of the local mig’mag trail, a scalloped potato and ham which hubby helped make this morning, are baking in the oven.

As my main  has been to heal, I have not given any thought to the new year and what it might mean. I don’t generally make resolutions but I sometimes choose a word and make goals. 

I have a few goals:

Finish my most recent pieces for possible entry into a juried show.
Get my health and fitness back on track - no diets but I’ve really got to clean up my diet 
                                                                 -    Looking forward to snow shoeing again

A word I came across while reading this past week - depth- caught my interest.  Finding depth in the moment, in my studio, in my creative work. As always, it’s a work in progress to try to slow down, breathe and fully savour all the moments in my life.

Warm wishes and vibes to you!