Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Quick sketches, coneflower

This week I’m back in hospital 4-5hrs a day again for the IVIg treatments. I didn’t do much yesterday other than water my veggies and fill in some spots with more seeds. I wondered around the yard and took photos of a few flowers, cosmos and coneflowers, some of the first ones of the season and 2 of my favourite flowers.

Today, after a bit of lunch, I watered again, and with my tea out on the sing, I read some of my new book.

I like the different styles by the different artists and so unlike most of my work. One of the exercises is to lay out a variety of drawing tools and mediums and then do quick sketches. They could be timed, something to try another day. 

I’m enjoying watching a family (or two) if baby grackles in the yard this year. They do live the birdbath.

On the first page, I used, pen, pencil, a stabillo in black, watercolour pencil and Neocolor II crayons plus a bit of wash.

Next I drew a coneflower onto children’s craft foam and loosely cut around it. I used the crayons on it, spritzed with water, stamped and then added some thin black pen lines. I’m really trying to loosen up. This is something I plan to experiment with more.

I am content if I can look after my garden, manage an easy supper, do some light housework, and do something creative.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

My yard, a free pieced cushion cover and painted sunflowers

Each day upon awakening, I have my tea in bed and contemplate my day. I must ration my energy and so I pick a couple  Of projects depending on how I feel  and the weather.
Today it was sunny, not too cool and breezy which meant no flies. A good day for a little gardening.

I weeded one more small section and added mulched. Little by little it gets done.

I’ve planted all my veggie seed against the deck and in the raised bed.

The apple tree is just coming into bloom.

I love the shadows.

Currently, I’m resting, but there’s always something to do. I put together a cushion cover made from a free pieced and quilted top done this past winter.  I like to put my front and back wrong sides together and then add a binding. I did cut the binding at 2 1/2”, a little larger than my normal. I think I could have gone larger still.


I like it against the grey sofa where I’m currently stretched out.

Finally, I pulled out this painted and screened sunflower piece started some time ago. It was meant to be a wall hanging or a runner; I think maybe I’ll finish the painting, cut it in two and make a bag.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

My yard, some baking

Finally, we’re getting some sunny days with warmer temperatures and the perennials are up except for a few hostas in cooler spots. The raised bed is planted with seeds; the radishes and some spinach are up.

The herbs are growing in the garden against the house by my back door. I can’t wait for it to fill out. Some are perennial. I planted a few new ones as well - rosemary, tarragon, lemon oregano, basil and parsley, to name a few.
The two windows on the right are my studio.

After my veggie garden is taken care of, I will finish weeding and mulching  the back perennial garden against the hedge a small section at a time.

The scarlet runner beans, snow peas and sugar snap peas are planted near the trellises against the deck. 
New this year is an awning that Gord put up for me overtop the swing on the deck. It’s south facing and always too hot for me. Now I’ll get more use out of it although mid summer when it’s hot, I retreat indoors.

Would you believe we still have risk of frost so I can’t put out the annuals just yet!  Maybe by the weekend. So, I’m sitting here, on the swing with my homemade herbal ice tea and muffin contemplating the next seeds to plant.

I’ve been experimenting with some low carb and sugar substitute baking. These drop cookies are meant to be a replacement for the frogs my mom used to make. They have coconut oil and almond butter to replace the butter and swerve, natural sugar derived from veggies, to replace the sugar. I find them good while I’m eating them but I don’t like the after taste of the sugar. 

Next, I made muffins with almond flour and coconut palm sugar, a Keto recipe, with some fresh picked rhubarb. They taste good.

I’m sitting with my knitting for a short rest before it’s time to start supper.

When I can’t be outdoors in the garden, I return to my studio. Progress had halted with this piece as I wasn’t happy with it. I pulled it out yesterday and finished some bits of foliage, added the inky looking water as well as adding few small highlights to the rock.  I’m still on the fence about it and pushing myself to at least get all the parts on and move it to the sewing machine to see how it goes. There’s still a little fussing where water meets the rocks and there’s a small bit of rock strip to add in the foreground.