Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Quick sketches, coneflower

This week I’m back in hospital 4-5hrs a day again for the IVIg treatments. I didn’t do much yesterday other than water my veggies and fill in some spots with more seeds. I wondered around the yard and took photos of a few flowers, cosmos and coneflowers, some of the first ones of the season and 2 of my favourite flowers.

Today, after a bit of lunch, I watered again, and with my tea out on the sing, I read some of my new book.

I like the different styles by the different artists and so unlike most of my work. One of the exercises is to lay out a variety of drawing tools and mediums and then do quick sketches. They could be timed, something to try another day. 

I’m enjoying watching a family (or two) if baby grackles in the yard this year. They do live the birdbath.

On the first page, I used, pen, pencil, a stabillo in black, watercolour pencil and Neocolor II crayons plus a bit of wash.

Next I drew a coneflower onto children’s craft foam and loosely cut around it. I used the crayons on it, spritzed with water, stamped and then added some thin black pen lines. I’m really trying to loosen up. This is something I plan to experiment with more.

I am content if I can look after my garden, manage an easy supper, do some light housework, and do something creative.

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