Saturday, July 6, 2019

An Afghan and a cushion finish, the painted sunflower bag

We’ve just had a visit from our daughter and grandson. They left after lunch today. We are having some very warm and muggy weather so this morning we took Ollie to the splash park downtown while mummy showered and packed.

The last 2 days were spent at the beach. I was surprised at how fast the bay had warmed up; we were all in the water for a while.

At home in our yard, we set up a swing in the apple tree and a small pool.

Even a little one on the deck, lol where he could play in the shade. I think he actually liked playing with his toys at this one the best. 

After they left, It was very quiet here this afternoon. It’s a 4hr plus drive home to Charlottetown and I just got a message they’d stopped for a break as Ollie was crying. At 2 1/2 he runs out of patience in the car even though mommy packed some special treats and toys.

After picking up the toys here,  I headed to the studio for a little stitching, adding the interfaced borders to the front of the sunflower bag I’m making.  The plan is to add Soft ‘n Stable and lightly quilt it before I put it together. 

The handles will be this heavy twill that I purchased. 

Last week, I made  the free pieced panel that I did some time ago into a sofa cushion. Every so often I have to make an effort to finish up some things or my drawers get full. I get all excited to start something and then it sits.

While in hospital a couple weeks ago, I started a baby aghan suitable for the car or stroller using Bernal Pop.

It was so enjoyable and easy to knit that I had to start another one.p in a different colour way.

That’s it for my energy today. Tomorrow, we p,an another visit to the in laws at the beach to take down our kayaks where we’ll leave them for the summer. I haven’t been out yet.
I hope you’re having a nice weekend in whatever part of the world you live. 
Happy Saturday!

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