Saturday, September 3, 2016

Doodles and stamps

I simply can't be trusted to sit too long with my feet up without having my mind wander onto new projects!

After being on my feet for a while, I must get the legs as high up as I can to take down the swelling. This morning, hubby took me out for a bit-- lunch at Tim's, a drugstore visit, and a drop in to our first guild UFO day.

Here it is after having them up for over an hour. I just came outside to have my tea on the deck. I understand that some swelling is quite normal and that mine isn't too bad.

While I was inclined, on the new lazy boy, and checking my email, I was reminded of the Sketchclub App on my I Pad and of course you know that opening the App was too tempting; I started doodling. Luckily, most of my supplies are all handy, so I was able to trace off one of the doodles and make a quick foam stamp. My hands are a little shaky right now which may not be such a bad thing. It gives me permission to be less exacting, letting the lines be looser.

I think it gives it a bit more of an old world feel. I used Neocolor II crayons and spritzed it because my acrylics are downstairs. I really like the softer less defined results. And the splotches.

Now my mind is swirling with the possibilities for textile work.

I did have enough discipline to finish the fox and get it stuffed, as well as to start a raccoon before letting the creative juices flow.

I sent the hubs off to the golf course. I'll be having leftovers, likely back in the chair, lol.

I hope you're having a lovely weekend wherever you are.



Mystic Quilter said...

The stamps leave a soft imprint on your sketch paper, very delicate and I love the sketch at the bottom of the three purple flowers. Keep the feet up!!

PaintedThread said...

That swelling looks uncomfortable. Ugh. But the view looks terrific!

Your sketching and doodling are very pretty. :-)

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see you getting out a bit. I love the impressions with the stamp and think the softer finish with the water is lovely. Enjoy your alone time while hubby enjoys some golf.

Summer said...

Sorry about the swelling. I love the view though ♥