Sunday, January 31, 2021

My weekend- pattern making, walking, sketching

I hope you’ve been having a good weekend. Contrary to what we thought, we here in northern NB did not move back a level last Friday. We stayed in orange, still with limited travel but we are now allowed to have what’s termed a ‘steady 10’. That helps a bit although we’ll still keep a lot to ourselves.

I didn’t get outside on Saturday, spending a quiet day. Would you believe that the hives that I was plagued with for 6 months last year have returned. Taking the medication which doesn’t even work, makes me quite sleepy. I try to keep busy in the studio. I’m putting together the last horizontal row.

Yesterday, I traced a pattern onto fabric for painting and I’ve shown some of the process in a new short video on YouTube. You can view it by clicking the icon at the top of my blog.

It’s now ready to paint and I’m a bit anxious over starting.

Today was a really nice winter trail so I decided to get out on the trail with my ‘sled walker’.

I just couldn’t stop myself from bringing home a few treasures to sketch - maybe an avoidance technique for getting started on my shed pattern form yesterday. I like to call it going with the inspiration, lol.

I’ll be uploading a new YouTube video shortly.

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