Saturday, January 23, 2021

A winter day - walking, sketching and quilting

The sunshine on this winter day led us out to the trail for a walk. I’ve made a small video of our walk posted on YouTube if you’d like to watch. You can click on the YouTube icon above left.

Even though it was milder than the last few days, there was a wind that really pierced. I could do no more than a few squiggles with watercolor pencil.

The snow is packed down in most places now though, so that I could get around more easily.

At home, I added some water to the sketch. It needs more color, I think.

Then I took my tea into the studio where I’m working on putting the horizontal rows of the flying geese together.

There are only 5 rows vertically and I’m working on 4 now.

I finished 3 little pairs of socks as a gift for someone who was thoughtful to me.

Then, I decided to go to the local yarn shop, Fresh Fibers, to pick up more sock yarn. Yes, I still have some in my stash, but it’s really going down and I needed (wanted) some color. I see that the darker Kroy back left seems dark when it’s actually a brighter green and blue and I think it’ll make nice socks for the grandsons.

This the youngest, Gussie, at nearly 20 months. We miss him and Ollie so.

Finally, my husband put up the last thing in our redone bathroom -a small glass shelf.

I’m wishing a peaceful, creative weekend. Stay safe. 💜

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