Sunday, January 17, 2021

Some knitting, sketching and some snow

As usual, it’s been a quiet weekend. We have a lot of that now, especially since we’re mostly retired. My husband is an introvert and I’d say o may be partly. I can sure keep myself busy though. 
We had a chance to take the sled out on the trail yesterday before the heavy snowfall today and while the snow was still packed and fairly level. There was a nice frost on all the trees.

And the light and soft colors were so pretty.

This is a big old pine that we’ve passed by for many years that has a growing hole. I couldn’t resist a quick sketch as you never know how long it will be there.

I sketched for about 15 minutes while Gord walked a small loop and until my fingers grew cold. It makes me happy to be able to put even a few lines on paper when I’m out.

It is the process and the journaling that are more important to me than the artistic ability although I’d like to improve my skills.

These are a couple of my favourite spots in our small home.
The painting on the left was given to me after my father dies by my mother as he had collected a few pieces of art and she knew I loved this one. It’s by a Prince Edward Island painter, Daphne Irving.
I also love the grey and silver lampshade purchased at a common design store separately from the base.
The one wall of the living room is painted a medium eggplant color, maybe not quite as dark as shown in the picture.

This one below is a simple print also from  home store.
You may notice one of the mitts I’m making on top of the basket. Last night, I finished them but didn’t photograph them yet until I get all the ends sewn in.

It started snowing during the night and continued all day today.

I stayed inside and did some fridge cleaning and made a couple more masks with the polypropylene lining in them.

Things are heating up with the virus here and some of our province has moved closer to comp,Eve shut down. I sure hope the vaccines would get going.

Hugs to you all. Stay safe. 

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