Monday, February 2, 2015

Thread painting and packing

I've been doing my usual bit of cleaning this morning and getting my dinner oven-ready so that I could spend a couple of hours in my studio this afternoon.

In between sewing, I've been packing up my machine and my sewing projects for my retreat which I go to on Thursday morning for 4 days until Sunday. I'm so glad that I got the 2nd machine. This enables me to pack it up while my other one remains in my cabinet set for free motion stitching, meaning that I can still work on my fiber art when I get time.

After organizing and then cutting some sashing strips for a quilt that I'll be working on putting together at retreat, I turned to my other machine to do some thread painting on my hillside. I'm so happy to be at this final part of stitching all the final shadows, highlights and details. I keep a picture for reference nearby, although you may notice that I haven't followed it exactly. Pretty close.

If you've followed me at all you may remember that I've been working on this for a while (a couple of months) in between other projects. There have been a lot of tedious little steps and tiny pieces and layers to add. It measures about 10 1/2" by 11 1/2", not that large.

I'm happy with the background trees and brush. As I move forward, I'm starting to add stitching to the snow, the rocks, and the grassy area.

Maybe I'll have a bit of time to work on it tomorrow. I really must get my things ready for retreat, but this is pulling on me. For today, I'm giving it a break, heading out for my afternoon snack, some tea, and perhaps a tad of knitting before dinner.

We are awaiting another 'doozey ' of a winter storm, edging our way today and to-night. Where will we put the snow? Okay really, I like snow, but it's becoming all too much. It happens every winter here.You'd think we'd get used to it. I'm hoping for a lull soon so we can get out on the snowshoes again.

I'm wishing you a happy Monday.


Unknown said...

So nice to go to a retreat. Just perfect. We had our first snow today.

Mystic Quilter said...

Lucky you off to a retreat, hope you have a great time.
Your thread painting piece is looking lovely, the glow of the sky really draws my attention to the birches.

Linda H said...

The snow started here at 3pm. You're right- another doozey on the way! Our snowbanks are so high already.. don't know where they're going to put it all!
Have fun at your Retreat! Is it with the guild? If so say HI for me to all the girls!!

Mereknits said...

The retreat sounds so wonderful. Have fun,

Jackie said...

That projet is looking so good, love the sky in the back, so perfect! See you at the retreat... 2 more sleeps for me

afistfuloflemons said...

This is gorgeous. I love your free-form work!