Tuesday, February 10, 2015

More bagettes

It's been cloudy with sunny periods today and the temperature managed to read about -10C. The sun is currently lighting up and warming my studio although it was partly grey and cloudy when I ventured out for a short walk with my walking poles. When I walk, I try to appreciate the moment, breathing deeply and relaxing my shoulders. It always makes me feel good to get some fresh air.

This morning, I cut out the pieces for 2 more bagettes. For the first one, I set a scrap of a screen print into strips of fabric scraps, added a stabilizer behind it, and then stippled and added a tiny bit of free motion stitching.

I know they're a bit more labor intensive than the plain fabric lining, but I find it such a fun diversion to do these little projects with my artwork. I really enjoy incorporating my scraps of prints into practical items.

This is the first kit, the middle sized bagette.

On the second piece I added a purple high lite with a few swipes of fabric paint. After it dried and I heat set it, I stitched a few free motion lines on the central motif.

And I got the pieces cut to go with it.

After my walk, I decided to put the smallest one together. It seems to take about an hour. In the end, I always find some imperfection. It might be another keeper. I didn't see any marks on the vinyl when I cut it, but there are marks now. Perhaps it's a lesson that nothing can ever be perfect. We try though don't we?

I kind of like this one too and hoped to use it for a gift but the little creases are very noticeable. We'll see how the next one goes and maybe I'll have to do more.Yippee, I'll get to go riffling through my scrap bins again!

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Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

these little bags are really sweet Holly

Mrs.Pickles said...

very cute

Mereknits said...

The little bags are so wonderful Holly.