Monday, February 23, 2015

On the trail and a bit of sketching

It seems the weekend went by in a blur. We were not overly busy, just nicely busy. On Saturday, I went to my sewing group, taking some hand quilting and coming home early to go snow shoeing. I went out on the trails again Sunday with a friend. I didn't get much sewing in due to the stretching and soaking needed after the activities. Bad weather days will bring more studio time. I'm just so happy to be able to get out considering that I was barely able to walk for a while because of my hip.

This is as near to perfect place as it gets for me. The air was cool, but not too cold, the snow perfect, and look at that sunlight glowing through the trees.

I went again this morning. It's going to get cold and we're expecting more snow on Wednesday. I am nearly ecstatic that I can now get my snowshoes on by myself! In the last few years  I've had to get my husband to do it, thus not being able to go out alone. Healing my knee and sticking to daily yoga have made it possible.

Today, I could take the camera, some birdseed, and stop when I wanted to.

On  the weekend, we were followed by some hopeful chickadees. Today, I was able to feed them.

 Since I have an appointment today, I must get going and won't have studio time. I did a little colored pencil and watercolor study at breakfast this morning of some twigs that I picked up.

I did the bottom drawing this morning with my tea and the top two yesterday.

Happy Monday!

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LynneP said...

It is SO beautiful where you live!