Sunday, February 15, 2015

Another storm day -- studio time

Yesterday we made the 1 hour drive to Campbellton where I took my 'new to me' machine to be serviced. It seems to be free motion stitching like a top now although I haven't tried it yet. It was sunny, but cold, so a nice day for a drive. I picked up some wool, a new rotary cutter, and a piece of fabric. It's a little shop with a bit of everything.

We are now in the midst of another nor'easter and I've been in my studio all afternoon. This morning, after French toast for breakfast, tea and the usual newspaper reading and crossword solving, I made muffins. Just before lunch, I led my hubby through my yoga routine. I'm truing to get him back into it. He used to do it regularly and hasn't for some time.

The little birds, including this red-pole, don't really seem to mind the storm, only snuggling into a branch on the lilac tree when a wind gust comes up.

In the studio, I started by sorting and organizing a few things. Since I hadn't pulled my machine out of the bag yet, I decided to cut out a couple more kits for the little zippered bagettes that I ve been making. It seems I'm not done with them yet.

I cut up some sun prints, again pulled from my box of scraps. It feels like treasure hunting when I find a piece that will suit. And finding coordinating fabrics is equally fun.

A little free motion stitching to accent the wild flower print.' loosey goosey'!

The second one.

Close up.

Then I threaded on the black thread and went back to adding still more shading to the rocks. When I'm sure it's 'there', I will move on to the dark grey, then lighter grey, etc. Since the front doesnt look much different, I thought I'd show you what the back looks like.

There is white stabilizer on the back. What you see is all thread.

I've just been listening to the news about the storm around the maritimes and it seems some places are really being hit.flooding and collapsing rooves in Halifax, NS. I guess we should be glad for the snow although the weight of that can cause problems too. Let's hope this finds you, my readers safe and happy.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Nice pics is one very nasty day here!!!!
Snowing like crazy and very high winds.

Linda H said...

Nasty day here too. Snowing all day long, and very windy. I made a big pot of turkey soup earlier, knowing that if the power went off,we'd have an early supper before the soup cooled too much! Your thread painting is looking wonderful...

Mereknits said...

Sounds like a horrible storm. Glad you are safely at home working on your project. Love the work you have done with the rocks.
Hugs to you Holly, stay warm.