Friday, February 13, 2015

A Quick Watercolor

Today was a good day today-- yoga class this morning, lunch with friends and a 3 month old to coo over.
I picked up a few groceries on my way home as we're heading out of town tomorrow. I'm taking my 'new to me machine' to be serviced and I'm picking a free motion foot for it.
While preparing my tea,  the flock of birds at our feeders once again caught my eye and I took quite a few photos!

The male purple finch is so pretty!

I had about a half hour left before I needed to pick up my husband, just enough to do a quick sketch of a common redpole using my current favourite -- a combination of colored pencils and watercolor.

Oh, and the recipe for my tea:

In the Paderno steeper with warmed rice milk:

Loose masala chai
Grated ginger
Grated turmeric


Spot of honey

It's supposed to be good for inflammation and the cinnamon helps lower blood sugars. Very tasty too!

Well, if you're in  the area in Canada and the U.S. that is expecting the storm, I hope you stáy warm and cozy. It's due here on Sunday.


Eileen said...

You've inspired me, Holly. I am going to paint a bird at my feeder tomorrow.

Mystic Quilter said...

You really have reached a new high with this beautiful bird!! What a stunning colour he is. Hope you enjoyed your cuppa.

Mereknits said...

Gorgeous artwork my friend.
Hugs to you and Happy Valentine's Day.

Linda H said...

The purple finch is so handsome. I haven't been getting many birds other than chickadees but had two woodpeckers and some goldfinches yesterday. Maybe they are stocking up before the storm. I'm not a tea drinker, but your recipe sounds good!

Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Beautiful bird!
This chai is delicious!
Good weekend!