Thursday, February 12, 2015

More thread painting

It's another soft gray here today-- not too cold--our outside thermometer said -7C around lunch time. We've had a gentle fall of flurries most of the day. I love the quiet softness of a winter day.

 This morning, I did a session of yoga after rising and having a light snack. Then, I had breakfast and my tea before heading into the studio.

My gosh, I feel so spoiled to have the 2 machines set up! I sat for about an hour and free motion stitched more black shadows on the rocks. There is also a very pale rust high lite color in the photo which I cannot quite duplicate in thread. I decided to stitch a close shade on to see how it looked  It can be blended in with the addition of another shade.

I think it's improving but I still see areas for more shading before I add more high-lites. The last thing will be a bit of greenery here and there amongst the rocks.

At lunch time this little fellow (lady?) came for a visit. It comes every day a few times and eats it's fill. I've found little tunnels in the snow all over the yard and on the deck.

I've had the usual birds all day, but today a winter robin showed up. There are a few that will over winter. You can see white downy feathers near their behind. Once they discover a few apples they will return until the apples have all been eaten. This time of year, food may be getting scarce.

Taking advantage of the two sewing machines set in different sewing modes, after lunch, I moved to the other machine and started putting together the other little Bagette.

I didn't quite get the last step done of wrapping around and stitching down the edges. Next time.

You know I'm not one who likes to do repeat projects, but these little bags are quite addictive. I think it's because they make up quickly, are very useful for holding quilting, knitting or any small notions, or jewelery and it's so fun to use up my scraps.
I'll be looking into my scrap box for more.


Maureen said...

Your posts showing us your thread paintings are a delight to see and I always look forward to seeing your photos of all the wildlife visiting outside your home.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Very nice inspiration!

Eileen said...

I can see why making the zipped bags is addictive. I must try one. Thanks for sharing.

Mereknits said...

You stitching continues to amaze me Holly.
Hugs to you,

Threadpainter said...

Wow Holly ... your rock thread painting is looking fabulous !!! I admire your patience and perseverance ;)