Monday, February 16, 2015

Sketching and Painting on Paper and Fabric

You know I really do go through my day lost in my thoughts and musing about my fiber art pieces and how I might proceed. Since my word for the year is 'focus', sometimes it seems I'm not doing a great job. I have been trying to focus on being present when I'm eating, doing yoga, and exercising at least. The rest of the time I dream away.

Like many Atlantic coasters, we had a big storm yesterday; the wind and the drifting have continued today, and so, many things including highways are closed. I ventured out for a while this morning to clear the front walk and the bird feeder on the back deck. No sooner did I close the door, the birds swarmed in. While making my lunch, I got caught up in the antics.

This goldfinch was sitting on the clothes line right in front of the window and seemed to be watching me

I really felt the curious stare of this pine siskin.

My kitchen window is such a bright sunny place and I've often dreamed of having a small bay window filled with plants. While this isn't affordable at the moment, some pictures on Pinterest inspired me to add some greenery around the area.

I dragged out a macrame hanger that I made some 30 years ago! I've seen a comeback of them on the net. My husband put a hook into the ceiling and I put it up this morning.

He's also going to replace the pine shelves with wider and longer boards so I'll have more plant space.

I want to add another small shelf on the lower right and then I'll have lots of green space.

I often don't know just what I'll pick up to work on when I walk into my studio.

My intention today, was to add more thread painting to my current fiber art, but upon entering  the studio, I got distracted by my open sketchbook with the sketch that I did of more shanties yesterday.

Some white cotton fabric was still resting near my iron ready to be drawn upon. What could I do? I quickly traced a few lines onto the cotton and then used my Inktense pencils, The Neocolor II crayons and my water-brush to add some washes.

The photo above is still wet; there is some bleeding (it's a challenge to know just how much water to use on the cotton) and the colors will fade some as they dry. I never know if it will work, but often once it is dried and heat proofed, the stitching will add definition..

Happy Monday! I hope you're having a good one, maybe with a bit of creativity-- even it's hanging a plant or making dinner-- wherever you live. I'd love to know what you're up to.

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