Sunday, February 1, 2015

Free motion stitching the treed area

Oh boy, we had another doozey of a storm yesterday and even though it is sunny today, it is -13C and very blustery, hence still lots of drifting. My husband spent 2 hours clearing the snow this morning and after a couple of quick errands, we opted to stay home.
For half the afternoon, I curled up with a book. My studio was calling me though and I knew I wouldn't be satisfied until I had made some progress on my piece.

The view is a sunny one; much more comfortable inside. The snow is snow up to the height of the windows.

I've added a few foreground poplars and birches and started with more thread painting to add some foreground brush and branches.

It all looks pretty messy right now but that is what the underbrush looks like really doesn't it?

I'll add a little more green and then another final layer of more foreground trees. Yay! Then I finally get to move on to the grassy area with the snow and finally the rocks.

I've got to move and help with dinner. Can't leave my husband alone too long in the kitchen, lol

.I hope you're having a lovely Sunday.


Primroses Attic said...

With all that snow I would keep in doors. Love your work.

MysticQuilter said...

Wow, just look at all that snow! Right now I could use some cooler weather we are having 29degrees C temps.