Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Thread painting, 2 zippered bagettes

I've had a lovely day and I'm just popping in to show you my projects. Before I went out to lunch with a few quilting friends, I finished 2 more of the little zippered bagettes.

They are from an Atkinson pattern and come int 3 different sizes. I'm having such fun going through my printed and painted scraps to use as the inside of the bag that shows behind the vinyl front.

Even a tiny scrap added to strips of fabric works.

I got home around 2pm--we visited a little shop nearby that I hadn't been to that carries a little bit of fabric, zippers, buttons,etc and I even found my sewing machine light bulb there.

Supper will be an avocado, tomato, chicken mix, in tortillas warmed with cheese. Easy peasy., so off to the studio I headed again.

I did a little free motion stitching on the painted fabric pieces form yesterday. I only started a second one because the first one seemed to have bled a lot but it faded enough and I think it'll work.

It's actually easier to work on 2 at a time as one doesn't have to change thread quite as often.

I'm working form back to front. It always helps to see it up on the screen to scrutinize it and see what I would add or change. The shanties and the people are not yet worked.

My hubby is leaving work at 4 to come home and we will get a walk in before dark. It is sunny and finally warmer. I love February for the warming sun and longer days!


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

you do so very well on these pieces Holly...lovely work!

Mereknits said...

Very cute little bags Holly. Love the fabrics. Your dinner sounds yummy.

Susan Being Snippy said...

those zip bags look great! they would make great little quick gifts! Your thread painting as always impresses the H E hockey sticks out of me!