Monday, September 1, 2014

Mug rugs from scraps

I've been unsettled today and of late. This year so far, and I've just realized we've passed 8 months of it, has been difficult. When I read of personal struggles on blogs it gives me insight into that person and it makes me feel a connection knowing that others struggle sometimes too. I don't want to be a complainer though. I started a new blog to write about my experiences with medical issues and to network and provide resources so I won't get into it in too much detail here.
I will briefly say that on top of Addison's and some accompanying illnesses, I have recently been diagnosed and am trying to deal with neuropathy. Then, in early summer my nagging hip and knee problems became crippling. I get around with a cane and some days not well. This in someone who loves the outdoors where I have walked and bicycled the trails often with camera in hand. I've had to retreat to my deck and my house putting true meaning into the name of my blog, Through My Window.
My art, my fiber art, and my needle arts have kept me busy, creative and occupied but when you're used to being on the move, it becomes at times frustrating. I do not have a fatal disease, so I am thankful. I try to find meaning in my days and still look for the tiny things that make me happy.
My small art studies over the summer have absorbed me at times. Other days like today, I'm a bit lost. I wanted to take out my kayak, but when I called down there it was a bit rough.
Finally, I settled for a bit in my sewing studio finishing up the quilting on a mug rug made from my scrap bin.

Recently, I started saving all the ends of bindings from my larger quilt projects. Some are quite sizeable. I found one that was amply long enough to bind the mug rug.

I pulled out a few more scraps and put together a second one.
I found a piece of black binding but will have to add to it. There is still a bit of the same black left in my stash.

My son, his fiancé and his new pup were home for a night as well and they've just left after doing some visits.
I'm going outside for a bit to watch the birds, and the clouds drift by.


Mereknits said...

Holly, you are so talented. love what you have made.

Mystic Quilter said...

So pleased to see your two mug rugs and to read your very thought provoking post, I appreciate all you are saying as I am in a similar situation. All the best to you

Eileen said...

Isn't it fun choosing the accompanying strips of fabric for the mug rugs. The printed binding is fantastic.