Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Portage Lake

My friend and I just returned from our annual retreat at the Portage Lake camps. It is such a beautiful spot about an hour from town. No electricity (generator), no phones, no TV, no radio. Just us the view, and our sewing.
Ours was the second cabin from the left.

Most people go up to fish and hunt according to the season. Blueberry season is just finishing and they were plentiful this year.

We'd like to bring our life jackets and gear next year too. We can fish and sew!
It would give us a little break from the tricky projects like these bags.

We made them the first day and I confess they were exasperating. We decided to move onto something simpler the next day. I pieced more blocks for the baby quilt I'm making.

I sat outside the first night on the swing with my tea. The freshly baked cookie was delivered to our door by the caretaker who made them. Isn't that sweet?

Apparently there is a path that leads all the way around the lake, but one would need an orange vest and perhaps some male company. Lots of moose around. I ventured partway in for some photos. I love tree stumps.

One could not tire of this view from the window or the deck. The trees and water changed color every few minutes and the leaves were actually turning more red and golden from one day to the next.

These little sojourns that I make into nature sustain me throughout the year.


Kate said...

I like your bags (of course, I like most bags), they look like they would be handy.

Mystic Quilter said...

Just catching up on posts and your retreat setting is idyllic! What a place to quilt and do some relaxing looking at the lake.

Mereknits said...

What a beautiful place for a retreat.
Hugs and LOVE those bags, even if they were fussy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly - I found your blog through Needle and Thread Network. When I read this post, I thought "wow, here's a kindred spirit"! I have yet to meet someone who is attracted to tree stumps as much as I am, and (obsessively) takes pictures of them! And I so agree with your need to get away and be enveloped by natural surroundings.
Thanks for sharing.