Sunday, September 7, 2014

A sun print, some fabrics, cranberry muffins

Yesterday, we made the approximately 2 hour trip to Moncton. I did a bit of fabric shopping and picked up some sourdough bread at our favourite European Bakery where we had our lunch. Since I can't get bread like it locally, I buy a few, wrap the slices by twos in Saran and freeze it in large freezer bags.
Friday was, I think, the last of our very hot and humid summer days. After supper we took our kayaks out on the lagoon at the beach. The water was so warm and the waves so lovely that I couldn't resist a swim under the setting sun and the brightening moonlight. It was purely heaven. I took a few photos with my camera that I haven't uploaded yet but when I do I'll show a couple.
This morning, we had our customary leisurely eggs and toast accompanied by the weekend paper, and then I made these cranberry oat bran muffins while my husband went to the golf course.

This is a recipe from an old friend who used to make them for market. She has since passed away, so I believe she wouldn't mind if I pass you the recipe.

I used only 1/2 cup of sugar and added a tbsp or so of flax meal. The cranberries are minced up a bit in a mini food processor.
Oh, and I almost forgot. I took this piece of fibre art with me yesterday, so that I could pick out a few coordinating fabrics.

It's been on my design wall since spring. The small piece of fabric on the top right is a scrap of sari silk that I picked up a while back. I'm not sure how I'll be finishing it; I'll be hit with some inspiration one day while doing something else.
Finally, here is the piece of sun print that I did on Friday. Following some internet research, I used Setacolor transparent paint diluted 1:2 parts paint to water. I taped the fabric to a Saran covered piece of foam core and spritzed it with water till evenly moist. I brushed it with the foam brush too and then added the paint letting the green blue and yellow gently flow into each other.
The sun prints work as well with the Dye na Flow inks; there's lots of info if you google it. I just liked the Setavolor paint colors that I had on hand better.
The resist parts are a little fuzzy. This was due to the fact that my plant material was wet from my previous use and they bled out a bit.

It's even more fuzzy in this cropped I Pad photo. I believe it's still usable but I presently have the grasses pressed in a phone so I can try again. Some of us learn best by doing.
Well, we've got a sunny, although more seasonal day here today and once my husband gets back we may get out to enjoy it.
I love Sundays.


Mereknits said...

YOur evening kayak ride and swim sound perfect, and so do those yummy muffins.
Hugs to you,

Mystic Quilter said...

You sound to have had a lovely day .
After this comment I am heading to the kitchen to make these muffins, I have half a carton of buttermilk to use up which I use instead of milm. Thanks so much for the recipe.